Competitive Grant Writing Takeaways

  1. The first step in competitive grant writing is to identify grants that suit the needs or wants of your school.
  2. When choosing the grant for which you would like to apply, prioritize your goals, but remain flexible with what is available to you.
  3. There are three main components I recommend ensuring you include in your writing process to give your application a competitive edge. They are research your audience, have a voice and enthusiasm, and provide your grant credit score.
  4. A grant credit score is how you can let the grant provider know that there will be a return on the investment provided to your school or district.
  5. Please ensure you take the time to edit for mistakes and that you meet all deadline requirements. Having sloppy grammar and missing deadlines may throw your application out of consideration, but even if it doesn’t, it sends the message that you will not be careful with their gift of funding.